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Fast and Furious logo 7/28/2015 Bill

I traded a 2014 SV Maxima for the 2016 SR Maxima. The improvements over the SV model are great. The SR model has the 60/40 fold down rear seat that the 2014 model didn't have. This gives more trunk space. The 2016 navigation system is far superior to the 2014 SV. I like the fact that you can change the ride quality from normal to sport mode. The 2014 model had a sliding seat and steering wheel lift that the new one doesn't. It also lacks the sunroof. These are two items Nissan should have kept. Without the sliding seat it is a little difficult to get in and out. The interior is first rate. The dash, seats, console, are all high quality. I love the car. The dealer is I bought the care from is another issue. I opted for the extended warranty and told the dealer I wanted a Nissan warranty not an after market warranty. Well, when the warranty booklet arrived in the mail it was from an after market company. I now have to deal with this issue. This is the forth Nissan product I've owned. I had two Infiniti's and two Nissan's. Three of the dealers have been dishonest in their selling practices. Only one dealer did what they said they would do. My suggestion is, if you're going to buy from Nissan make sure you're very clear in what you want in the vehicle. Because of this I'll probably shift to Lexis or another high end car as I'm burnt out on dealing with Nissan.

Average Rating : 5


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