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FAULTY THROTTLE BODY logo 7/9/2016 Christine

I got my 2016 Ford Explorer in mid August of last year. Today (Saturday) as I was driving home from errands on a busy street, the Explorer started to shimmy, engine light came on and I was basically without power. I "limped" home, called a tow truck and had it brought in to the dealership. It has 8,200 miles on it and I haven't had it for a year yet and the thing crapped out on me!! Thank God this didn't happen to me as I was driving on a busy Los Angeles Freeway like I do during the week!!! I could have been seriously injured or killed due to the vehicle dying on me and someone slamming in to me. The service guy at the dealership told me that he's had a boatload of 2016 Explorers come in with the same problem and that a recall should be coming soon. That tells me right there that Ford is liable. I mean really Ford, you've known about this throttle body problem for a while now. Someone is going to be killed or seriously hurt because of this defect. Is that what you're waiting for?!

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