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Few issues but overall solid logo 8/9/2015 Scott Swindells

Purchased this as my first new car out of college in July 2005. It's had a few minor issues but overall has been a solid vehicle. I only expected to keep it for 5 years, but now i'm planning to drive it until it's dead. It had 2 issues brand new from the factory, both warranty repairs, but both left lasting impressions on me. First, one of the rear tail lights wasn't plugged in. Didn't know for a couple months until leaving a bar one night a coworker called me in a panic and said you better get off the road you have a bad tail light! Took it to the dealer and they were like wow it wasn't plugged in all the way and some pins were vent. The other issue was also terrifying. If i was making a right turn with my blinker on, as i'd exit the turn the blinker would click off, and so would my head lights. Took a bit of jiggling to get it to come back on.Other than oil changes at ~6000 mile intervals I've only had minor repairs:1. Crankshaft position sensor (as did everyone else with this car) at 60k2. Serpentine belt at 90k3. DIY Brakes and rotors at 90k (needed rotots at 50k though)4. Front end inner tie rod at 150k5. Front struts at 150k (needed them since 100k though)The car has really good interior quality. Nothing feels cheap. Leather is nice. Fabrics are nice. Bose is nice. Nothing is falling apart even at 10 years old. Good performance for a 4-cyl. Good gas mileage for a car of the era. The biggest negative about the car is road noise, both bumps and wind. After a highway trip i feel deaf.

Average Rating : 4


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