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Finally a timing chain logo 7/28/2015 Calarco

Quick engine. twin turbo kicks your head back at 3500rpms. ride is smooth, road noise due to 17inch rims with skinny tire side walls. great clutch and smooth shifting 6 speed. The Stereo just stinks.rear speakers mounted in rear door. WHY WHY WHY. HD FM reception fades in and out and with your windows down and sitting on I95 the volume is cranked to 40. Needs a AMP. OK on gas but likes the cooler burning 93 octane. Expensive. With heated seats and sunroof plus shipping and taxes, 30,000. And get the 500.00 5yr rim and tire replacement. Still breaking motor in. My last car was a 09 Mustang and this WRX beats the stang in everway except the stereo, and too much eye candy gauges.

Average Rating : 3


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