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Finally Bought one. I shouldn't have waited. logo 8/11/2015 Sandy B.

So I started reviewing the Mazda 3 2 years ago. I was fascinated with the way it looked, and the great reviews. But I never drove one, the nearest dealer is 100 miles away. Then I turned 60 and decided it was time to have so fun before I retired. I Was lucky enough to find a 2014 GT S sedan with a technology pkg for $23,400. Morries Mazda sold it to me as a certified used, but it only had 60 miles on it.Where to start. First of all, the ride is firm, yet refined. It is NOT harsh, even over uneven pavement. It is not cush, but I had more than enough of that in my Malibu. This thing sticks to the pavement like glue, even in tight corner, kind of fun to just put the pedal down and accelerate thru a turn. The steering is great, firm and quick. It accelerates nicely, enough to make you smile. Want more fun? Hit the sport switch, it really makes a difference on the responsiveness.The adaptive headlights are great, never seen them before, very refined. I like how the brights switch themselves on and off as needed, and it works really well.I bought the sedan because of the deal, and honestly, I'm glad I did. It is one beautiful car. A real attention getter. And the Silver mica paint is amazing in the sun with the 18" wheels. And the interior is understated but elegant. Lots of nice small touches.This car punches WAY outside it's class.I am getting 28 combined in 50-50 traffic, but I'm playing with it pretty hard with a heavy foot. I'm pretty happy with that, my 2013 Malibu was getting me under 20 combined.This is the car I always wanted. I just don't see a compromise in it. Fun, frugal and drop dead beautiful.If you think you want one, just drive it.

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