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Finally have some color in my parking area. :) logo 7/11/2015 Judy Knox

It's not just the color that's great (Got the Copper) but the car is, IMHO, outstanding so far. Have only owned it since June 27 so have only come across a couple of things I don't care for. Have to agree with the other poster that the console compartment is extremely small compared to my Acura RDX which had 2 compartments - one in the dash area and one between the seats in front. Other than that, I don't find any door noise or road noise going on yet. I was concerned about how quiet it would be when the windows were up. In my Acura, there was virtually no road noise. My CR-V is, far as I can tell, is just as quiet. LOVE the MPG!!! Acura - 18 mpg (maybe) in a good week.....CR-V (so far )25 mpg which is 85% city driving. Don't care for the rear view mirror's automatic dimming during night driving. My Acura allowed me to adjust it to whatever "visibility" I wanted, which usually meant I'd use the day driving mode most of the time, at night, as I liked seeing lights, whether bright or not. At least I had the choice and control. Other than those 2 things, so far I'm a happy camper with my CR-V Touring. The safety features are outstanding!!! The safer the better. Got a great warranty with Honda of Riverside - 8 yr bumper to bumper - no deductible and loaner car while it's in the shop. What with all the electronics guiding the cars these days, an 8 yr warranty, at my age, is a must have. Don't want to have to come up with $600 to cover a $6 part in a few years. :) Cost $2500 more but brought the finance charge down from 2.99% to 1.9% and since this is the last car I'll own, it was well worth the extra money. For me, this car is just the right fit!!! Not too small, not too large. And another plus - I'll only have to fill up my gas tank about every 2 months. :)

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