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Finally, the Platinum is here! logo 7/8/2016 EngrCh1ck

The Platinum trim, new for 2016, combines all the bells and whistles of the Limited with the power and excitement of the Sport. It adds some really high-end interior finishes and some handsome 20" wheels to the offerings of the Limited, and it truly is the definition of luxury. The ride and handling are superb, and the acceleration is smooth and exhilarating. It is REALLY fun to drive. After months of research, I chose this over other similar vehicles because it had exceptional power (365HP versus 290HP for most all competitors, which you can REALLY feel) and it has more total technology offerings than any of it's 2016 3rd row vehicle competitors--without escalating into the true luxury vehicle segment (like a Volvo or BMW). It's counterparts in 2016 lacked at least one (but usually many more) features such as adaptive cruise, pre-collision warnings, power-fold seats, lane keeping assist, parking assist, front camera, power-folding mirrors (with auto-fold), rain sensing wipers, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, intelligent access (based on proximity with key on your person), remote engine start, adjustable pedals, and door keypad entry. Yes, this is an expensive vehicle. But, it truly compares more with a higher-end model, like a Cadillac or Lincoln, than it does with it's true competitors (GMC, Toyota, etc.) in this segment. If you are looking for THE BEST 3rd row SUV for a great value (meaning, not luxury vehicle), this is it. If you just want the cheapest 3rd row SUV, then this is obviously not your market. But, if this is your market, or even if you're looking in the luxury market, this may just be the vehicle for you--unless other manufacturers make some pretty decent changes in 2017. I am thoroughly impressed and extremely happy with my purchase.

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