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Fine minivan logo 6/27/2015 kawliga

Bought this van used, 12 yo with 77k miles to replace a 1999 that hit a deer. Love it so much that it gets picked to commute from Missouri to Florida since it holds so much and wife is a packrat. On the highway I get a honest 23 mpg at 70mph. Will eventually trade for the Stow n Go but until then will drive the wheels off. Old T&C had 180k and was still going strong.

Favorite Feature : Room, leather interior, gas mileage, and seat height. I love buying used T&C, if you look around you can find great bargains and they seem great value for you money and hauling needs.

Suggested Improvement : Not improvements to this model but items I would like to have in the next one.Blind spot, lane avoidance, back up camera which I think are available in the Touring L model.

Average Rating : 4.25


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