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First American car I've bought in 23 years. logo 7/30/2015 Tom

Unless you really need to be the fastest guy on the block, the 323 bhp V-6 is all you really need. I owned a 1982 Mustang GT that I bought new. I loved that car. This Camaro is faster, Granted technology has changed a lot in 33 years. I've owned several imports since 1988 when I traded my Mustang on an Integra. It's good to be back in American Metal. I am not brand loyal. I have owned every Japanese, German and American brand sold in the U.S. in the 36 years since I bought my first car. I compared the Camaro to the Mustang and the Challenger without any pre-conceived bias. I was looking at the base models. The Challenger was eliminated based on looks. It just isn't for me. It was close between the Camaro and Mustang. I really like the Mustang but since I've already owned one and I've liked the new Camaro since they came back, I went with the Camaro. The first Chevy I have purchased since 1979 when I bought my first car , a Chevy Monza.I now have about 800 miles on the Camaro. It has been great and I have adjusted to the rearward visability issues. The trunk is a little small but you don't buy a car like this for the trunk. If you are looking for a very reasonably priced American sports car, you can not go wrong with the Camaro

Average Rating : 4


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