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First car I've owned that I Love logo 4/12/2015 cluchs8

I bought my car with 140k miles and fixed brake lines (400) and valve cover gasket (150)leaks. The serpentine belt has started to squeak, but it doesn't matter, because the factory stereo is incredible for a 98. I love the ride, It's supple yet competent, more so than I expected from a boat. The torque and passing power is actually pretty impressive for the HP output. It wafts from 40-75 like it's nothing, and with cruise on at 60 i get 29 mpg. I get about 17-20 in the city,and it's awesome on snow w/ all seasons. I feel safer in it than i do my 2010 dodge ram. brakes don't really cut it, you have to pay attention, sudden stops aren't its favorite.I named mine Victor.Best grand i ever spent

Favorite Feature : Surprisingly competent handling, good power, Highway fuel economy, trunk size, safety, durability (Was hit by a jeep in the door while he was doing 25 in reverse in a parking lot, and it literally did nothing. 2 shallow scratches, that's it.) I love the look of this years Lesabre, and they are fairly intuitive to work on, If not the most easily accessible, it is certainly doable. Parts are cheap, and the cars themselves are cheap to buy.

Suggested Improvement : Brakes are a bit mushy for my taste. That and at 140k miles, these seem to need a bunch of stuff fixed at once, but the old owner was an abusive driver. I looked up the brakelines rusting through and it happened at 139k, and this is really common on GM vehicles from this year. Check them before buying. Sparks and other tune up items are a pain to access, to be expected on a larger displacement FWD engine.

Average Rating : 4.75


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