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First Dodge product, overall we love it! logo 2/26/2015 Mary Samler

My wife and I purchased this 2014 Durango R/T in Nov 2014. We absolutely love this vehicle so far. We wanted a 3 row SUV and deemed this best in class. The 3rd row is actually usable by adults unlike some competitors. We have had 1 issue so far, which is currently ongoing, the SD card reader sometimes won't recognize the card is in there and I have to do a soft reset of the Uconnect to get it to work. This has happened twice for no apparent reason. Other than that, all is good. I have mostly owned Toyota's of all kinds in my life so it takes a lot to impress me and I am impressed so far. If this vehicle remains reliable in the long run, I will consider another Dodge again.

Favorite Feature : Honestly, just about everything.UConnect - Easy to use, clear, responsive, intuitive - love the 8.4 screen with nav and SD reader when it works.Style - Easily the best looking SUV on the road.Hemi 8-speed combo - Tranny is butter and makes great use of the Hemi's power (turn off Eco mode for an even better driving experience). Exhaust note is lovely.Driving dynamics - Responsive, handles well, rides nice. My wife and I took a 400 mile road trip last weekend and this is an EXCELLENT road trip vehicle. Just so smooth and quiet.Interior - Comfortable and logically laid out. Plenty of space. Overall nice materials, soft touch plastics, with no squeaks/rattles to speak of.

Suggested Improvement : No vehicle is perfect, but this one is close.I put build quality at a 4 because there are some panel gaps that are greater than I am used to (hood to fender) and the gas door doesn't sit perfectly flush. The interior is perfect though in terms of fit and finish.Yes, I know I bought a V8, but continual fuel efficiency improvements are always welcome.Make blind spot monitoring standard. I didn't get it because it's part of an expensive package, but I had it on my old car and miss it.I think that's about it. Dodge has a home run with this one, just keeping my fingers crossed that reliability is as good as my Toyotas.

Average Rating : 4.75


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