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First Ford I have owned, LOVE it logo 6/16/2016 Driven1

We had twins and needed to upgrade in size of vehicle. We will not drive a mini van and SUVs can be too large. We traded in a smaller Mercedes SUV, and we find this FLEX to be more comfortable and more features than our Benz. The Flex is a tremendous option for those who dont want a van but still would like to have a large rear door opening. The Flex is by far the most comfortable driving car I have been in (including Audi, Cadillac and Benz). The seat is comfortable and the arm rests are in perfect spots. We have the adjustable pedals as well which are the icing on the cake. PROS: -size, amazing what you can fit in here. Back seat passengers have amazing leg room-the tech. The backup camera alone is the best camera on a vehicle I have seen. Bright, great field of view and clear. (Cadillac's by comparison are terrible!) the options on this with a simple package are amazing. The Germans are pros at nickle and diming you for every single option that will add $10k to the price of the car when you are done. -comfort - incredible how quiet a bigger vehicle like this is to drive. Steering is not too light, either. -looks. - I know it is subjective, but with the Platinum package with black roof, black 20" rims and black badging, it really looks great )I highly suggest taking a look at this, for the standard package looks a lot different and "cheaper"-features such as the adjustable pedals and power lift gate with the button on the side, rather than on the gate to have to reach up to hit, the folding rear seats that fold flat, and even when up, provide some trunk space (try that Suburbans) -drives smaller than it is. AMAZING turning radius, better than most cars, makes it easy to park and manuever-AWD system worked very well in the snow and with the traction control, provided a great winter driver-completely changed my view of Ford. The design is incredibly well thought out. Several little things you find and say "well that is clever!" (like the 120 standard outlet in the rear of the center console.)CONS:-Gas mileage is on par with a larger SUV which is to say is much less than a mini van -the memory seat and mirrors, cannot be used while not in park. Come on FORD! I know this is a "safety issue" but that just means i am scrambling to adjust my mirrors and seats as I am going down the road after my wife drives the vehicle (kinda annoying)-sacrifice of not having a minivan, third row access is only by lifting middle seats up (there is an auto button to flip the seat up which is really nice, but cannot operate with a child seat. I believe there is a "captains chair" option for the rear/mid seats, but we have standard bench style)All in all, we love the car and will be keeping this car. It is hard to beat in looks and comfort for the price with the amount of options it actually has.

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