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First impressions logo 3/4/2015 gibson6

Just traded in 2011 murano for the new 2015 murano sl awd. This is a completely different suv. Much more comfortable seating and better set up of the dash and gauge arrangement. Living in Canada the roads are rough and full of potholes in the winter. The new murano soaks up the bumps much better then my 2011 did. With temperatures near -30 C this murano was still smooth and absorbed the harshest of road conditions this country has to offer. Heated seats and steering wheel a big plus. Great value for the buck.

Favorite Feature : Heated steering wheel and BSW and easy to use Navi.

Suggested Improvement : Going from a 2011 to a 2015 is a giant step in a long list of improvements.Nissan has addressed most of the stuff needed. I just hope it is as reliable as my 2011 was. I would recommend this suv highly.

Average Rating : 4.75


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