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First New Car in 15 Years logo 8/28/2015 C.H.Nowicki

I love my cars. After two years of exhaustive research I selected the 2016 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring as my first new car in 15 years. I still own a 1984 Mazda RX7, original owner with 100k miles...looks and drives like new so Mazdas are reliable and well engineered. And, my terrific dealer gave me the Mazda loyalty discount for an "antique" car...which is still a rotary rocket by the way. I also own and drive a 1992 Honda Civic straight with 260k miles, and a 1998 Honda van with 255k miles. Both too, look like new, but the engines are on their last legs. Great cars. So, i thoroughly checked out the Hondas and Nissans too. Compared to my old cars, this CX5 is like driving a space ship! The manual is as thick as the bible, and comes in a cloth logo pouch...and I read it...all. The seats are comfortable, ergonomic, and it feels like I'm in my RX7 without "laying on the ground". It handles like a car, not an SUV, but the suspension is stiffer than a van or sedan. The visability is good, sits high like the van, but harder to see out the back past the head rests so rear camera helpful. Mazda needs to add memory position to the driver seat..can never get it in the same place when someone else drives it. I am in my upper 50's with back issues.....this is the most comfortable seat I could find of the Mazda, Honda, and Nissan SUVs. Softest leather...but still harder than cloth. Needs a rear hatch release in the cabin....who doesnt have that? Ok, the 9 speaker Bose stereo is AWFUL. My '92 civic sounds better. All the sound is in the front, even with the fade set all the way in the rear. No base at the floor. I love Bose and own several Bose speaker systems and a wave radio that makes my kitchen sound like symphony hall! What happened? This is a real problem Mazda, and engineers, hang your heads. All contols set to right to get a modicum of detectable separation. Muffled..not crisp sound. Yuck. Love the joy stick control, perfect location for everything like my RX7, except why is the start button behind the steering wheel not visable? The moonroof is awsome, the air works great, love the blind spot and rear cross check detection, and rear back up camera. It's BEAUTIFUL. Went to buy the red......ended up with the brown looking Titanium Flash Mica. It's sporty, classy, with beautiful windswept lines, (I'm a designer by trade) and agressive looking for fun. The CRV is boring and utilitarian looking in comparison, and the Rogue exterior lines were all over the place. Except for the horrible stereo and no interior hatch release, it is a solid 10......and I'm picky.

Average Rating : 4


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