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first newer Mazda for me not bad at all. logo 4/6/2015 Frankito Giron

I bought the mazda3 from a private seller for $5100 great car get a easy 4.2 out 5 from me stock suspension is comfy, i did install coilovers obviously ride became abit stiffer but not bad. is been great.

Favorite Feature : the mazda3 is a good car interior is probably the top best in its class that includes good cargo space back seats well laid out and comfortable all around,outside looks the hatch looks so welcoming and nice, no offence to the sedan owners. the engine is a 2.3 liter has decent acceleration and smooth, has projector lights so you can use hids

Suggested Improvement : big issue with car the a/c usually takes about 3 minutes to start i heard is a little issue with some of them. the mpg are not as good as i expected has the same mpg as the faster newer mazdaspeed3 or 6,and its fwd my first fwd turning radius could be better. expect o2 sensor to go out around 135k miles just one $125 online easy to replace at home.

Average Rating : 4.625


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