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First Subaru 4me logo 6/14/2015 charlieofbc

Always have had Hondas and Toyotas. My last Honda, 2013 Pilot Touring was a big disappointment, very clumsy handling, and ate gas like crazy. The Subaru reminds me of a nicer CRV crossed with a smaller Highlander. The ride and handling are amazing. The engine/cvt combo works well, and mileage is very good if you drive reasonable.Have approx 9k miles and only 1 issue, the auto tailgate does not always respond to the button on the tailgate. Very comfy vehicle, I am 6'4 and plenty of room. The dog is very happy with the move to the Subie....

Favorite Feature : Ride,handling, legroom, headroom, paddle shifters,decent mileage overall 27 mpg since purchase. Convenient size. Attractive design inside and out.

Suggested Improvement : 2.5 engine could use more power, it is not bad, but somewhat slower than competition. Auto tailgate a little glitchy. Hard driving drops mileage significantly (duh),engine noisy on initial warm up. Minor wind noise from side mirrors.

Average Rating : 4.875


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