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First time lease logo 7/5/2016 Christin

Let me begin by saying this is my first new car, ever. This is my first Mercedes & luxury vehicle. I am accustomed to the Mazda3 & GMC work truck...that being said, anything new is a significant step up so take this review with a grain of salt. For a "basic" CLA250 model I am impressed with the gorgeous bodylines & technology. The keyless entry has become common, but for me this is new & so convenient. There are 4 or maybe 5 different driving settings. I'm not a huge car person but I was so impressed by the significant changes I could feel by switching mode from comfort to sport or ECO. This car is very polished inside & out. I scored a great lease special, be sure to look out for them online. I assumed this was not doable & I would get a new Mazda3 or something happy I "splurged" (mind you, my payments are LESS then my USED Mazda3). I got a really amazing car, to me at least. Even my grandparents who have been frequent Mercedes customers, loved my new "beginner model" CLA 250 inside & out. Side note, I am a petite girl...this vehicle suits me perfectly! My boyfriend is 6'2 & he says he fits comfortably in the passenger seat however when the sea is that far back it is difficult to have ample visibility when backing up. lol.

Average Rating : 5


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