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First time minivan owner logo 3/13/2015 Russell Seward

I'm new to minivans, and very happy with my purchase of a 2015 Honda Odyssey EX. It handles like a car, but can seat 8 passengers comfortably (6 with plenty of room to spread out), and still plenty of cargo space. It has a very quite cabin, feels solid and well refined. It includes some nice tech (most new cars do) and is sportier than other minivans. I chose the EX because I don't care for leather (it's no fun after baking in the hot Texas sun). My biggest grip is some of the features I would like (power lift gate, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning) are only available with leather. I Also think the interior is a little "cheap" feeling compared the the Toyota Sienna LE.

Favorite Feature : My favorite feature is the quiet cabin. It's quieter or "as quiet" as any vehicle I've owned; I've owned several and some high end brands. The quite cabin is one of the main reasons we choose this over the Sienna.- Build quality- Roominess/Comfort (again first time minivan owner). - Car like handling- Cameras (rear and side)- Convenience features: power doors, keyless entry system etc...- Other Tech: phone, ipod etc...- Seating optionsI could go on and on...

Suggested Improvement : Offer more features in a cloth interior model (leather doesn't work for everyone)!!Improve the quality of the interior trim. Although the vehicle is very well put together and feels solid; allot of the plastics feel cheap and scuff / scratch easily. The Toyota Sienna LE (Toyota's version of the EX trim level) has a much more luxurious cabin with soft touch surfaces, wood grain trims, soft open / close compartments etc... Honda should take note.Integrate everything into one screen on the dash board. I don't see any reason for 2 screens. It might look cool (matter of opinion), but is unnecessary and makes overall navigation of the technology more complicated than it needs to be.

Average Rating : 4.5


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