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First time minivan owner logo 5/12/2015 dph1

This is my first time owning a minivan. I have a growing family and came from a long line of Honda Accords. I had recently purchased a 2014 Honda Pilot, but VCM vibration has turned me off on all Honda V-6s (if you are in anyway OCD, avoid Honda VCM V-6 engines like the plague - you will feel vibration and hear noise). Thus, I traded it for the Sienna. I have only owned the Sienna two days, but my family loves it! It rides so nicely and smoothly. It has good pickup for a van and seems very well built. The electronics are a easy to master, and the A/C is super cold, which is a huge plus in the humid South. The rear TV is huge, but you can get by with ipads and save the $$.

Favorite Feature : The smooth ride and supremely smooth transmission are major pluses. The seats are comfortable, and the interior is very spacious (although, the Odyssey does have better room in middle and third row seats). The infotainment center is intuitive and feature laden (if you get an xle, opt for the navi package - 700 bucks more gets you a ton of good features). No Variable Cylinder Management (VCM). I have a V6 that always operates as a V6 - the way it should.

Suggested Improvement : Overall, the car is quiet. I would say a little less road noise would still help. I am hoping once the stock Firestone tires wear out I can remedy that with some Michelin tires. The second row needs a wide mode like the Odyssey (where the seats pull outward to allow more hip and shoulder room).

Average Rating : 4.5


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