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Five Stars for everything except the ride logo 9/13/2015 Janet

i am a woman, about 5'2" tall, and this is my only vehicle. Got it at a really good price; it sat on a lot for more than two year during the recession, so we paid only $33 for a car with a sticker of more than $44. It has only one flaw, the ride. Otherwise, I love it. It is a true pleasure to drive and handle. It's high enough to see everything on the road, big and strong enough to feel safe in crashes. As a pint-sizes female i can adjust the seat for perfect comfort and vision and it feels as though made for me - luxurious and comfortable too. With heated seats, power windows, power mirrors, what's not to like inside. It's driven most often in shorter mileage suburban areas. It's used more like an SUV, usually carrying the dog, a male German Shepherd in the crew area which we made a foam bed for, and in the truck bed, it carries not much more than a large load of groceries, etc. from Costco, though it has brought home a large load of bricks on occasion. I make a point to get freeway driving in on a regular basis to stretch it out. It's made a couple of long trips, from California to Oregon and back, from California to Montana and back and from California to Brainerd and Minneapolis and Pelican Rapids, MN and back. Max mileage on the road is usually 20-22 mpg, occasionally more; around town varies between 16-18. Total road Mileage is just past 45,000. So far nothing has gone wrong. The only money spent on it has been oil changes and filters. But I must mention the ride. It definitely rides like a big truck. Translation: the ride is pretty awful and beats the heck out of my aging back - big time. I am looking at retrofitting a Carli system to improve the ride; otherwise I might have to give it up but only because of the ride!

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