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Fix or Repair Daily Taurus logo 6/12/2017

Bottom line: This car needed a new transmission at barely 80k. The new transmission is even having problems where the mechanic said the 2007 Taurus models have not changed. In other words, the Taurus is a time-bomb of junk. Multiple times the doors electronics have stopped working. Recently the drivers door had to be hard wired in order to roll down the window. The engine has started making noises, too, and the car doesn't have 100k yet. All services have been done to this car where it's now worth less than the transmission cost. The FORD Taurus is a prime example of everything wrong with FORD. Garbage, no parts, building nice looking vehicles not made for the long haul. Expect to start having problems around 60k. It's Toyota from here on out. I highly recommend researching any car, as this one has been a nightmare and by the sounds of it, most of them are.

Average Rating : 5


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