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Flagship of the Junkyard logo 7/7/2016 Dan the former Ford owner

As the Flagship product for Ford, all I can say is: RUN AWAY! I have owned this truck for less than three months and have already seen my dealer service center more times than I have my barber, my grocer, and my reverend, combined! The truck is a mechanical and technological nightmare. We'll start with the least-offensive items first and build from there. On day two, the tire monitor started going off. Seeing it down to 27 psi, I pulled in to the local tire store right off the road (later would find out that Ford would have preferred I drive it to a dealer--apparently they don't mind driving on rims and shredding tires). The teenager at the store told me that the tire simply hadn't been "sealed all the way around". 30 minutes and $22 later, back on the road. A week or so later, the dashboard console screens went out. After restarting the car, back on they came. So, I have the equivalent of Windows 10 in my truck--just reboot at the blue screen, I thought. Then, mid-May the same console issue happened again, except this time I also lost the engine gauges (oil pressure, trans. temp). While driving the car home (a Sunday), the radio came back on, but it was tuned to 87.5 (not a station in Minnesota) at about 28 out of 30 volume. None of the buttons work on the consoles, and none of the screens are available either. So, there I am driving down the highway with all of the windows down to drown out the white-noise of the radio. I proceed to log in to the SYNC website (thinking it's a SYNC problem). The wonderful call center specialist actually had me call the SYNC 800-number and walked me through a manual update of the SYNC software from a USB drive. She was a delight to work with, and one of the few positive highlights through this process. The SYNC update worked...for about 4 weeks. Then, the F150 world went black again. The dealer tried to help and performed a software update. Ford has since claimed that they cannot replace any relays or controller modules because, "the systems are not throwing off codes. Well, go on Youtube and search around for 'F150 console issues', and you'll find plenty of recent issues like this. The best part--Ford has claimed that the SYNC group is not really part of Ford, and they can't pull the records of my chat session or phone calls in May. Now, it's no secret that Ford is running away from the SYNC platform as fast as it can, but it's nice to see they're tossing their customers into the tailwind too--no concern at all. At this stage, I get the equivalent of jingling a few wires together to reset things; Ford won't authorize any repairs because the Code Fairy has yet to swoop down and convince Ford corporate that there is a problem. The dealer even took pictures of the malfunctioning dashboard--Ford disregarded it; good to see they really believe their service teams! The icing on this junk cake? In the midst of all of this, the turbo charger relief valve on the Ecoboost charger went out in mid-June. No warning lights or anything, just a hissing/pop sound like an old steam vent. I find out after driving my car home that drivers shouldn't go over 50 miles an hour with the relief valve out because it can damage the turbo...and the fuel injectors! Glad to see the Ford engineers put all kinds of concerns into the tail pipe emissions (the dash goes off like a Christmas tree when there's condensation in the tailpipe), but problems with a major engine component--we don't need to warn drivers about that... I know that every manufacturer turns out the occasional dud. Issues can happen. What burns me about this is that Ford has over-engineered a vehicle platform to the point of being unusable. Then, they make no effort to actually REPAIR the problems (just unhooking the battery cables for 10 mins. is not a repair). Heck, the service managers told me they wouldn't tow anything with it because, if the console goes out, you lose the towing control functions and the gauges needed for towing. It's an FX4 off-road model for pity's sake--that's what it was built to do! Ford has walked away on a loyal customer (leasing Fords for over 20 years). I have already turned two potential customers away from Ford, and I will do so as long as I walk this earth. Next weekend I'm leasing a Nissan and putting the F150 in my garage until my lease is up (in 33 mos.). I've got two words for the folks at Ford: Pontiac & Oldsmobile; nobody thought they'd go away either.

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