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Fools for ending this vehicle! logo 9/9/2015 G A

Buy it. Grab one now! Spacious, GREAT smooth ride, ok performance, super inexpensive to buy, maintain, repair and insure. It's no sports car, it's certainly no gas miser Prius (12 dense traffic, 16 mix, 23 highway @ 80mph), but if you want a comfortable, roomy, low cost per mile ride this is it. The interior materials are not high quality but are serviceable. The trunk is good old American sedan huge and the car seats five comfortably, six in a pinch. The rear air suspension does a great job of keeping the car level when loaded. The handling is not as bad as some write ups would have you believe. It's open differential RWD without stability control. If you don't have a reasonable understanding of physics, go find a modern nanny-mobile to do the driving for you.You can drive over pot holes without worrying about blowing a tire or knocking the front end out of line. It's much more forgiving than a modern FWD with weenie low profile tires. Personally, I got tired of replacing tires and wheels during winter driving. 2006 and newer models share a solid 4 speed transmission with the F150 pickup truck. This is a solid vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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