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Ford appears to have a winner logo 3/10/2015 ohioengineer

This is my third F-150 in seven years, as I lease. I use my truck as a combination farm vehicle and general transportation; everything from towing a livestock trailer to picking up groceries to hauling my grandsons. I was pleased with my previous two F-150's and so far this one seems even better. It looks sharp (plenty of compliments), has plenty of power (2.7L turbo), rides like a car and handles very well. I am particularly impressed with the engine (see below)and the interior finish. So far the gas mileage has been disappointing - especially after all the hype - but I am hopeful it will get better over time. Overall a very good truck and one I would highly recommend.

Favorite Feature : My last F-150 had the 6.2L V-8, so I approached the smaller engine with trepidation. But the turbo 2.7 gets up and moves without hesitation. The only downside is the sound. To anyone who grew up with the throaty growl of a Detroit V-8, this engine will sound like a weak sister - but it definitely gets the job done. I also like the interior on this new model. In the past Ford has fallen short in this area, but now it feels much more comfortable sitting in the cab - very sharp, but still functional. Also, the auto lumbar support with the 10-way seats is fantastic.

Suggested Improvement : Ford doesn't say much about the engine auto-stop feature, but be aware that the engine turns off and restarts every time the truck comes to a compete stop - part of the increased gas mileage effort. This is a little disconcerting, but Ford has made it pretty much invisible and it is quick enough that there is no hesitation in pulling away from a stop. However, there is no delay, which means if you are in a line of stop and go traffic, your engine will stop and start quite a few times. I would suggest Ford add a way for the driver to adjust the time delay. Also Ford claims they have beefed up all the essentials, but one has to wonder what the impact will be after 100,000 miles or so?

Average Rating : 4.625


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