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Ford in Disguise logo 4/21/2015 kennstarre

This car is built on a ford focus platform. Driving wise it's fine other than some under-steer at high speeds. The thing consistently breaks every two months, ford quality but with foreign car repair prices. The interior literally falls apart. foam in the seats and door panels melts and disintegrates in the Texas heat. Further more the all wheel drive is pretty much worthless. it's so front wheel drive bias that it basically is front wheel drive.

Favorite Feature : They really don't have anything that makes them special. The handle well for a 2006 low budget European car but a Volkswagen is a better buy.the only thing that Volvo has seemed to stay true to is safety. these cars do hold up reasonable well in impact. But Audi and Mercedes are going to be safer.

Suggested Improvement : Dont waste your time with a newer Volvo. They're going to go out of business anyway. At this point in the game I think Hyundai actually produces better cars than Volvo has the past decade.

Average Rating : 2.25


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