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Ford Trucks Suck! logo 7/7/2016 Eric L Wilson

NEVER BUY A FORD TRUCK! We bought a new 2010 F350 diesel engine King Ranch. At about 30,000 miles the engine blew. They replaced most of it under warrantee but not all of it. I asked to have it all replaced and was told they could only replace the parts they found to be faulty. I asked to have the warrantee reset and was told that was impossible. Now at 70,000 miles the engine needs to be replaced again - not under warrantee... estimate is about $15,000. Long before the warrantee ran out we had it in for loss of power and the "wrench" light being on. They said the oil level was severely overfull due to fuel in the oil system - which shouldn't be possible. We were charged an oil change and told to check the oil level every 100 miles. Oil level didn't go up so we took it in and they said everything must be fine. Later we had the same issue and took it to another dealership who said the issue must be related to the earlier issue of the oil being severely overfull. They reset the codes and charged usfor diagnostics and an oil change sent us on our way. The truck has now been at the ford dealer for 2 weeks and no word on whether Ford will help us with the cost. NEVER BUY A FORD TRUCK!

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