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Former European car owner logo 9/7/2015 Mike

I went to the VW dealership in my GTI to look at the new Golf R. I noticed a new GT sitting in the used lot for a few thousand less than the R. I fell in love with the looks of the car, and after spending some time driving it decided that it was for me. Why? I've never liked the design of the previous GT, but the updated exterior is one of the best designs out there right now - not a bad angle on the car. The interior is vastly improved. I actually enjoy being in the space instead of feeling like I'm compromising. The premium interior is, in my mind, the way to go. Air conditioned seats are one of mankind's greatest inventions. I found all of the electronics intuitive and mastered the system within a couple of days (I've had some cars that I never figured out after 3 years). Many cool customization features on the interior. My car came with the performance package. I also think that this is a must have. The mustang feels like a proper grand tourer. The suspension is firm but not jarring, and the steering feel is among the best I've experienced on a new car (and better than the new GTI). It is not a sports car, but it is always fun to drive. The solid handling, amazing engine note and acceleration, and the outstanding shifter and steering make for a car that I always look forward to driving. After driving it for a while, I realize that I've reached the age where driving a grand tourer makes me happier than a frantic adrenaline machine. If you haven't test driven one and don't see yourself as a Mustang type, go test drive a new 5-series and then try the Mustang - it's cheaper, better looking, better to drive, and generally mullet free.

Average Rating : 5


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