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Former Mercedes owner says Infinity better car logo 9/1/2015 Justin L. Williams

I have owned 5 Mercedes including an S Class car. I compared this car to the Mercedes E350 and lower end S class cars, the Audi8 and the BMW's. It is definitely bigger than the E350 and about the same as the Audi, maybe the same or slightly larger, feeling than the S class? I have not compared the specs they will tell you but I am 6'1" and when sitting in the back can't touch the front seat and when in the front it is huge. I bought the car because of the technology package which is one of the tops on the market. The car has a smooth ride, quickly passes cars on the highway and is a joy to drive. This may be the best value luxury car on the market. I strongly suggest the "L" edition for the extra room.

Average Rating : 5


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