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FOUND ON ROAD DEAD ...comfy to wait for help in? logo 7/21/2015 christa

roll back on hill: I have had several instances where this has almost caused an accident on the road where my car that was a safe distance in front of other cars began to roll backwards having to hit my gas or press my breaks in order to prevent impact. My car has rolled over 10ft backwards. Auto max keeps saying it's what its "SUPPOSED" to do saying that and the shuddering, shifting hard and jumping is too. Contacted Temple Tx ford and explained the situation and how we were being treated and they had us meet this time with the actual technician for ford at Automax in Killeen where he witnessed the roll back first hand and my husband having to intervene by pressing the gas to go forward before hitting a dealership car. He seemed very surprised and told us right away it was unnatural and he would definitely need to contact ford to look into it further. We went back into service where he told the Service guy what had happened, service continued to claim rolling back 10 feet or more was normal and the tech began to agree...within five minutes... we are paying extra to insure that if we have to leave it with them like we have been needing to do so much we would have a car since both my husband and I need to work. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE to use a car being told that they don't have one available and there is a waiting list to get them. They have recently bought a shuttle bus to haul everyone with. I have NEVER SEEN a loaner car by the way. they kept the car for a week only doing the one thing they only do...Reset the computer. We have done this 3 times and I will be taking it in again since my problem hasn't been fixed

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