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From H2 to Trail Hawk logo 7/13/2015 Robert Vonch III

First off don't judge the size of this Jeep by the outside. When my wife and I first got on the Jeep lot, we both looked at each other and said that's too small! But once inside this thing is a roomy beast. Lots of leg and head room for those both tall and wide, seats are amazing and grab you comfortably. The ride is smooth with minimal body roll on the corners. It is a 4-cylinder so don't expect v-8 thrust but paired with the 9-speed auto transmission it does its duty. We had been searching for something to replace our aging Hummer H2 that was not another cookie cutter cute ute or some boring suv from the import giants that are more like cars. Also a consideration was price and off-road capability, the Renegade was right on point and addressed all of these in the Trail Hawk edition for us. Since bringing ours home, we have averaged 30 mpg and coming from the 6 liter H2 was a breath of fresh air on the wallet! The technology is also great with 2 USB ports, 2 LCD screens, a true 120v home outlet, Bluetooth, backup camera and oh yes a full-size spare with matching wheel! Yup wheel and all! The little Easter eggs are cool but get a bit cheesy like Ciao Baby! Spider by the gas filler. We have not taken it truly off roading yet but it did handle some good deep water during the flooding we had in SW Missouri recently. The off-road dial is very easy to use and intuitive and with the Trail Hawk you can go into 4wd low and lock the differential that is nice to have. I did not get the removable roof panels as I really don't use removable tops or moonroofs anyway, just another water failing point. If you are looking for a small good looking capable SUV that's fun to drive then this is for you! If you like white walls and vanilla ice cream, then look to the same old boring ute's like CRV, Rouge, Soul, etc. all of which will look very nice stuck in the mud...LOL!

Average Rating : 5


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