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From Myrtle Beach, SC to Oceanside, CA logo 8/8/2015 Jules

I felt the need to pay homage to this amazingly reliable car. I bought this car in 2009, used for $1,000 cash. This is and will likely remain the deal of a lifetime. It had 90,000 miles on it and had been regularly maintained. The only initial issue was a broken front right axel and a dented passenger side door, both from hitting a deer. The front right axel issue was not disclosed to me at the time of purchase.I have been driving this car since and the axel issue the previous owner created finally gave way to bigger issues. It is now at 229,000 and I just paid a pretty penny to give her a well-deserved and vital brand new 2015 sports edition rack and pinion. This, alone should sway any potential buyer.I call her Ole' Bessie and she is my best friend. I have driven this car from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Oceanside, California, and halfway back again. She's gone over the Rockies, driven to Vegas, New Orleans, Miami. This car has taken me everywhere I wanted or needed to go for the last 6 and a half years. Aside from my left turning signal and horn going out, the only problems I have had have been regular, to be expected, and small repairs. The worst problems were so miniscule; starter once and distributor cap once.Regular maintenance is vital to longevity of any used car. I have done timing belt change twice since purchase, new serpentine and fan belts once, put on new spark plugs at 200k miles, regular oil change, of course, and the like.The A/C has finally gone and squeaks when I try to turn it on. If it still worked I would actually be more surprised. Luckily, my climate is very mild so it hasn't been a main concern, however this will be the next thing to be replaced.Great gas mileage on the interstate. I do believe it to be higher than most sites have estimated. As long as the car is well maintained it is very quiet on the road. Brakes work great- had a few close calls and was very glad for that.The storage is good for a 2-door, as the back seat pulls down and open to the trunk. My fiance and I have moved with all of our things in this car over 10 times easy. We are minimalists, but the storage is still exemplary. I don't think I can say enough great things about the 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage. I would absolutely recommend this car to any and everybody. I will drive this car as long as possible (which will be a long time with such a quiet, reliable engine) and continue to restore her as the years go by because she has been so good to me and my fiance.*UPDATE*I finally traded her in. We decided to make a big move Northwest and we knew in our hearts that our wonderful little Mitsubishi just couldn't do it- not again, anyways. That being said, I drove it for 7 solid years, age 19 to age 26- from coast to coast, over the rockies, down through the bayou, through the deserts, with her little 1.5litre engine. From 90k to 260k and only ever had minor and normal maintenance issues arise etc. A week after trading her in, her transmission went. I think her heart broke because I just couldn't say goodbye. It was a very safe car. Many times it's quick reactions and great breaks saved me from accidents- I never got into a single accident in that car and clearly I have done some serious driving. My fiance actually took her for the trade in. I loved that car. Now I'm in a custom 2005 Buick LeSabre which is a great car, and certainly faster with it's 3800 V6 but I miss the Mits. If you ever come across one of these, buy it and cherish it. If you know how to do general maintenance on a car, or don't mind replacing a part here and there for $100 or less, it will never let you down. Ole' Bess RIP.

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