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From Tundra to F150 logo 7/27/2015 John Tritz

In researching new trucks (after the disappointing 'update' on the 2014 Tundra) it was hard to ignore the new F 150. On paper, it looked great and after 12,000 miles of commuting in brutal Houston traffic, towing a 21' bass boat as well as a 24' tri-toon, I have not been disappointed. The only thing I miss having owned a 2007, 2010 and 2012 Tundra 4x4 is the turning radius on the Tundra. I was concerned about the aluminum and potential damage to it. After a hail storm, I indeed had hail damage but so did the Buick and Silverado next door. Fears of the aluminum body damage are way overhyped...aluminum bodies are nothing new...just new to pickup trucks. Hail damage took a day to repair...can't even tell it was ever damaged. With the 5.0, I'm averaging 18.3 mpg in combined driving. I was happy when the Tundra hit got 16 mpg on the road. Ford hit a home run with this truck...and between dropping the hammer to merge on Houston highways, hunting, fishing, hauling heavy loads and towing from boats to tractors, this is a heck of a truck.

Average Rating : 5


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