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Fun and Exciting. Looks sharp, drives sharp. logo 4/30/2016 Toyota Fanboy

First thing to say, I love the car. Fun to drive, fast take off- not that fast high end speed- but really? who needs to drive 100+. Has awesome resale value. (not selling mine though- I am driving mine into the dirt)The Pros then the ConsPros- Car handles like a champ. Snow,rain,sun. Car is light, and you can feel it. (Can feel windy days but good handling combats this). Great gas mileage, I drive about 1000 miles a month, unfortunately, but the car is still good on gas (and i speed quite a bit). Mine came with JBL speakers, so sound is good, had to add my own sub woofer in for base, (nothing crazy 100 W). Car speakers are energy efficient, don't have to worry about car battery dying. Interior looks okay- I like it but a lil more plastic than other cars. Car has been hit twice by two trucks and still drives amazing. (low end crashes). Didnt feel it. Getting in and out of car is a lil tough since car is low. Car feels comfortable from drivers seat, not from glorified trunk that is a backrow. Cons- Since I drive a lot and more enthusiastic than most, maintenance adds up. Parts are cheap- good news, but unless you got a good mechanic, may be expensive to maintenance- car is not easy to work on, super tight engine bay. The car is notorious for check engine light- (o2 sensor possibly) so the quest for what is turning engine light begins, mine was a dirty ocv valve, cleaned myself cost 10 bucs. Loud hull noise- but you can hear the engine- so might not be that bad. Not one drop of rust on my car. 12 years old. Looks good paint job wise. All about who maintained it before you.Now on to the repair list- labor variesRight rear knuckle - 100 bucs for partFight right Ball joint- 50 bucsEngine mounts - 100 bucs for all fourwheel balance, rotation every 3k miles- to keep up with good handlingFront windshield- since window is angled I think rocks hit it harder and more frequently than any car ive driven. 300 bucs- insurance covered it- so nothingTires - 300- I have 16 inch rims/tires- not all celicas are that large.Breaks- 100 for all 4. Performance breaksBolt that is used in alignments rusted- got stuck- cost 20 bucs for bolt- but labor can be expensive at a shop.Car needs to be maintained or you will feel it.However, That is only if your as anal as I am with your car.Overall opinion. I love it. Drives quick, good on gas, other than small maintenance stuff- the car is one of the best I have driven, and I have driven quite a bit of upper end BMW and Caddies, it keeps up. Not a smooth ride but definitely a fun economic sporty car.

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