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Fun but Expensive logo 2/26/2015 deano18

This car has its pros and cons, but there are too many cons. Pros:The car is a lot of fun to drive, very powerful, and looks great. Cons: MPG is not even close to what the epa estimates are. Unless you drive incredibly well and keep the rpm's below 2500, you are going to get 14/15 mpg on a good day and average out at about 11. The car is always in the shop and constantly needs to be maintained. An oil change costs about $100 and this car drinks oil likes its no tomorrow. Tires costs about $250 each and the car goes through those like an eraser on a pencil. Only buy this car if you plan to use it as a weekend car, not a daily driver, and don't care about maintenance costs.

Average Rating : 3


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