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Fun Car BUT...... logo 8/5/2015 KC

Have never owned a European car, convertible or a car with a turbo charged engine. Got all three in the C-70. Realize this is a sports car and designed for performance however the design is flawed and eats rear tires at a rapid rate! Have taken the car to the Oklahoma City Volvo Dealership repeatedly as I had to replace tires every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. They told me this is the way the car is designed and there isn't anything that can be done to correct it. I have had enough. Besides burning through 4 tires in less than 25,000 miles, another problem is the car is now discontinued, no longer in production and considered an orphan with a considerable hit to resale value. I now have European cars, convertibles and cars with turbo charged engines out of my system and will not go down this road again!

Average Rating : 4


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