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Fun Car logo 3/17/2015 Martin Popagain

People have to take this car for what it is, A road racer. Great handling, super performance, Good looks, and good fuel economy. 17MPG around town, 27MPG on highway. With Premium version you get sun roof and navigation to name a few extras. This car is electronically limited to 150+MPH. I will vouch for 135. This car has the ability to put you in jail in any of the 50 states. It is a car that wants to be driven. Good trunk space for 2 people.Con: This isn't a car for families with children. Back seat would be a pain to put a baby seat in and it's not designed for adults.

Favorite Feature : Dash and gauges easy to read. Has a boost gauge. Transmission is great using the paddle shifters. Radio is adequate for this car. Infinity sound system is good and the navigation is really great. It is a stand alone not requiring a subscription. Seats are comfortable and lots of legroom.

Suggested Improvement : To much black plastic on frontend. Had center of grill body colored which makes it look better.Also, It looks like there are LED's over fog lights, they are not... Never did understand this.

Average Rating : 4.75


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