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Fun Drive logo 5/1/2015 tuscoladad

We were considering a change from the 2012 F-150 we had for improved gas mileage, but traded in a 2012 Camary also.We are super impressed w/ our new fun, economical drives! Hers is a '14 SE TSI & mine a '14 Wolfsburg TSI. We both average around 30-32 mpg on city & highway. We live 25 miles out from town where the cars were purchased & my work, so both now have 17,000+ miles on them since June 30, 2014, when they were purchased. All are part of a VW heritage started in the 1980s w/ a 1964 Beetle. We since have had a 1986 Cabrio, a 1999 Jetta TDI and a 2004 Passat TDI. All have been fun & reliable, but these 2 Passats top them all!

Favorite Feature : Pick up! When I want to go, they GO. I can even pull a small trailer with my Wolfsburg. I had a hitch installed for craft shows where we have to haul lots of things, and it pulls our 4x8 trailer just fine. You can hardly tell its there.

Suggested Improvement : *I wish I had the touch screen, multi disc changer on my Wolfsburg, along with the back up camera. My sound system doesn't automatically connect to my phone like the touchscreen in my wife's SE, and won't allow track changes without going directly to the phone to advance or pick other songs.*The hinges on the trunk go so deeply into the trunk that I have to be cautious about placement of items there so they aren't damaged.*The driver doors on both tend to swing back against the car without holding well, so sometimes it hits our legs.

Average Rating : 4.875


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