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Fun Little Car logo 12/7/2016 Stangdriver09

I bought my mustang used with around 40,000 miles on it and drove it to over 130,000 miles. This little car is fun to drive and overall I haven't had many problems with it. The only time I was stranded by this car was when the thermostat housing burst on it after driving the car a little hard. This housing is made of plastic which was why it broke, allowing the coolant to go everywhere. I had a coworker help me replace the part with one from NAPA and I haven't been stranded since. I really like the gauges with this car and the aluminium dash. The fabric used to cover the doors started to come unglued and on the driver's side it started to peel back some. Overall, I enjoyed driving this mustang and I would be willing to get another. I used this car as a daily driver so I think it served me well in that aspect. If you have to drive this car in the winter, I suggest placing sand bags in the back and use good tires. I never placed this car in a ditch, so with careful driving it is possible to use this car in the winter.

Average Rating : 4


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