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Fun Little Commuter logo 8/11/2015 Brian K. McMillian

I bought this has a second vehicle for myself with the plan it would be passed onto my 11 year old when she turns 16. My main vehicle is a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but due to having to constantly drive the kids literally hundreds of miles a week for activities, I was putting too many miles on a vehicle I want to keep forever and one that cannot be replaced since they quit making them. Anyway, I shopped all around for vehicles in the Corolla's size category, but I just couldn't find one that matched Toyota's quality. I did own a 2008 Honda Civic Si for a short period, which looks very similar to this vehicle, but this Corolla is so much nicer and solid feeling than that Civic. I am very impressed with the ride, which is about as good as one can expect with the thinner tires on 17" wheels. The styling of this vehicle is very eye-catching, especially from the front. Acceleration is not going to win you any drag races, especially with the Continuously Variable Transmission, but after a short lag at first it will get up an go pretty good and I do not feel under powered on the interstate. Driving around town and doing a nice slow acceleration, you will not even feel a is so smooth! My favorite feature is the headlights. The S-Plus model came with LED lights for the low beam and they literally broadcast a intense wedge of light that totally wraps around the front of the vehicle. It almost looks like daylight! I need to get these for the FJ! I only have 450 miles on it thus far, but I am very happy with this purchase!

Average Rating : 5


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