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Fun Little Machine logo 7/16/2015 Michael Griffin

My first two cars were rather large American sedans. A 2001 Chevy Impala and a 2005 Ford Taurus. I decided I wanted something smaller when I suddenly needed a new car in 2013 due to gas prices. I'd always been smitten with the Zoom-Zoom ethos of Mazda's and had liked the styling of the Mazda 3. I didn't have time to wait/search for the hatchback I really wanted, so I settled for a rental-fleet Mazda 3 i Sport. It has been an absolutely wonderful little car. Always starts up straight away. It's not a rocket, and you need to be generous with the throttle when merging/passing on highways, but it has more than enough pep. The handling is wonderful, fun and forgiving. It took me some time to get used to the amount of road feedback that comes through the 3's steering wheel, especially compared to the American boats I drove before.Bad weather handling is also great, especially for such a small, light sedan.The inside is a tad sparse, but everything fits well, and the front seats are comfortable. Getting 4 or 5 adults in the car at once, even if we're all average size, is a squeeze. It's not too bad for short trips around town, but it would not be fun for two guys over 5'10" to ride tandem on a trip of any length.The two things I really wish my car had are power door locks (but it did come with power windows, oddly enough) and cruise control (I will never again get a car without it after having had the displeasure of multiple between New york and New Orleans). That being said, it's a decent car for long trips, tire roar can be a bit loud over 55 mph, but turning up the radio helps.All in all, it's a wonderful little car, that's been great and very reliable so far.

Average Rating : 5


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