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Fun, Perky, Efficient Urban SUV logo 5/28/2015 nolarobert

I just drove our new HR-V 400 miles on the Interstate. It has plenty of technology, a peppy engine, that cool Honda Magic interior and it looks sharp. The CVT takes getting used to as I have never owned one before. I would punch it and it would respond well but it just felt different. I got 31 MPG on the highway but the HR-V is brand new and I tend to drive fast. It handled the highway well even during the thunderstorms I encountered on my trip. So initially, it feels solid, well-built and capable. We'll see how I feel 10,000 miles from now.

Favorite Feature : I love the LaneWatch™ feature which shows you the view from the left side of the car on the 7" touch screen. It works brilliantly! The Infotainment/climate control system is easy to work once you get used to the interface. The 6-speaker, 180-watt stereo sounds impressive. The ride height is pleasing as you have a good view & it is easy to enter and exit. The A/C has an auto setting that kept the cockpit feeling comfortable. It has a quiet interior even at 80 MPH. Interior materials feel and look high quality. Magic seats make interior versatile. The back-up camera has 3 modes for excellent vision.

Suggested Improvement : I'm 6'1" & my head was brushing the lowered sunroof. It needed one or two more steps on the height adjustment for me to sit upright. After driving 400 miles my back was killing me so I highly recommend lumbar support. The chrome-like trim on the interior would reflect sunlight into my eyes which was unpleasant. The 7" Infotainment screen gets dirty quickly w/ fingerprints & dust. There was no 12-volt power outlet in the cargo bay. The fabric interior on the upper door is easy to get dirty. The cup holders allow in-between sized containers/cups to rattle, spilling the contents.

Average Rating : 4.25


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