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Fun ride logo 7/24/2015 Jao

This is my second Prius. My first one was a 2006 Prius. My current Prius is 2012 prius V with more features and navi. currently I have 78,000 miles it has not given me any problems so far. I have drive it cross country from NY to CA and back. At one time I commuted 100 miles each way from LA to Bastow ca on I15 in the winter baring from 55 degrees to 28 degrees in the same day x7 weeks. This car handles well in snow but no ice if you know how to handle the car, it is low clearance so parking on a snow bank and trying to get out would take longer. ( living in the east coast you take whatever spot you can) I absolutely love the V it has a lot more trunk room and over head space and wider seats for more comfort. I have gone to home depo and fit 20 bags of mulch and soil with the back seat folded down. It's a great ride with a average of 40.6 miles for the way I drive( mostly high ways to work/ and local roads in NYC) and it's a great long distance car as well. But after driving it for so long on harder conditions i do have to warm up the engine in cold weather and it will shake the engine for 10 seconds before it goes to normal. I have driven it in snow and slush, off road on desert road in Josha tree NP and rainbow basin in Barstow ca. The car handles well just slowly btw 12-35 mphPro: good cargo room, easy drive, good gas mileage, reliable carCon: I don't know if it's common but when I connect the entune system with the iPhone the navi sometimes freezes and the screen stop working until I reset. The buttons for the power , EV, are too close to the cup holder things can spill on it and hard to clean. It's the same engine for a Prius and a Prius V and there is no tow power.

Average Rating : 5


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