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fun to drive and reliable logo 8/20/2015 Nancy

Its definitely not a luxury vehicle. It fun to drive. I live in a hilly city and this little baby just wips around the curves. The leather seats are horrible. Im use to better quality. I also live in extreme heat so the seats make everyone sweat. I wish it had more cup holders. The one on the passenger side is broke. Its cheap plastic. I will say I have 185000 miles on this baby. Its paid for and its mine. Its gotten me everywhere I need to go and Im grateful. My mechanic says it will run forever. It cost a lot when it needs something but as far as reliable ,well Its on top The sun roof cover wont close all the way.I have to many miles to care. I'm giving it to my daughter and getting a newer suv. Just not sure what. I thought I would write a review since Im looking for a new suv and the smaller ones are not getting great reviews. To sum it up this baby has been worth it but I want more luxury. Have not had any complaints about the bigger suvs I have owned. Oh except gas mileage. Hope this helpshere is an update. Gave this car to my daughter going to college. She loves it and its safe. I bought myself a Lexus SUV and I LOVE it. Cant go wrong. My first review sums it up.

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