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Fun to drive but falls short on MPG logo 9/4/2015 Joeyomitan

Second write up after nearly two years and 20,000 plus miles.The oil issue went away. After the first oil change it seemed to stop burning oil, a good thing. Gas mileage has not increased. It still averages about 27 on the highway and less in town, maybe a 24 mpg average, less than we expected.The user interface still confuses my wife, it is not very intuitive. The car does drive nice and has good performance, by far its best point. Another issue is oil changes. Volvo has told us due "they" need to put it on the computer to do an oil change, Jiffy-lube or Firestone, etc should not do it. I still have yet to verify that.We have found the Volvo dealer no better than the local Chevy dealer, we make appointments and they lose them or tell us when we bring it in its first come first serve. My wife refuses to take the car in for service due to she is frustrated with the dealer.So the bottom line after two years would I recommend it, probably not. I have a 2014 Chevy equinox AWD and a 2011 Honda CRV, the Volvo is nicer to drive, but issues, such as Volvo states they need to do oil changes, MPG falls short, the blue-tooth/entertainment system is years behind the others. I was afraid to buy Chevy but all five drivers in my family except for my wife like it the best. So in my opinion for the price the Equinox or CRV are a better buy. First write up.First off I would say this is the best driving car we have ever had. It handles very well, has better than average acceleration, stops well, steers well, etc. The interior is nice, our only complaint is the “storage area” under the radio, you can’t really put anything in it or it falls out when you turn. The seats are comfortable, and cargo space is adequate. Our big complaint is gas mileage. The T-5 Drive E engine should get 24 in town and about 30 on the highway. We rarely average over 23 mpg. On our Honda CRV and Chevy Equinox we always meet or exceed the EPA estimated MPG, so I don’t think it our driving habits. Either Volvo over estimated MPG or who knows. The only other complaint is the information/blue tooth system is not very intuitive. The local Volvo Dealer had to contact other dealers on how to check the oil level from the info system. The car does not have a dip-stick. The manual does not describe how to do it My wife or daughter still can’t check the oil level using the information system. Checking the oil is much like running old DOS commands from function keys on your keyboard. The engine does need oil added between the 10,000 mile interval oil changes. Typically at 4000~5000 after an oil change it needs oil. Volvo thought this would go away after the first oil change, but we had to add oil at the 13,000 mile mark.

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