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Fun to drive, repairs necessary when older logo 6/3/2015 tigeryox

I've owned a 2002 330Ci Convertible with 88K miles since new. It's definitely a fun car to drive, especially with the top down in good weather.Having said that, it does need some repairs which I thought was more than expected for the mileage or age:- Replaced lower control arm (LCA) bushings- Replaced both LCAs due to one bad ball joint- The dome of the strut towers deformed, common for the E46. Added a $10 reinforcement plate for each- Replaced both broken rear springs, common for the E46- Passenger seat occupancy sensor brokeUpdate: turns out the airbag control module has fried itself for no apparent reason. A replacement module needs to be reprogrammed for the specific model (to accommodate for the different number and position of airbags)- Convertible top inner lining torn due to warped plastic insertsIf I weren't my own mechanic, these items could be expensive.

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