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Fun to drive... logo 3/18/2015 deputydog35

I bought this car brand new... It's super fast and fun to drive! However, I'm a big guy 6'0" 285lbs and the driver seat is not real comfortable. The seats I have are heated and cooled! The driver seat does not lower enough to make it comfortable. The passenger seat goes much lower than the drivers seat. Other than that the car is great! I only have 10k miles on the car and get about 20mpg. Which is not very good!

Favorite Feature : The motor ROCKS!!! I really like all the gadgets in the car as well. Like the Navi and ambient lighting feature! This is a really great car! Lots of features!

Suggested Improvement : Better seats!!!!! For guys who are tall in the trunk and not in the legs!

Average Rating : 3.875


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