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Function and form over performance logo 7/8/2015 Drew

I was focusing most on function in my next vehicle, and since I do a lot of highway traveling, this car is basically ideal if you want any significant cargo capacity without sacrificing MPG. Looks good as well.Pros:1) Amazing gas mileage. My actual mpg is significantly better than even EPA. Average 33.5 so far, but get 36 plus on highway at 70 mph2) Interior is well done and cargo capacity for a vehicle this size is excellent. Recent emergency required loading of commerical dehumidifier, 4 carpet blowers and large wet dry vac and everything fit fine.3) CVT is better than I expected and I don't have any droning issues unless under full acceleration4) Handling is better than my 2010 Rav4, but not to CX-5 levels (but close).5) Back seat legroom is fantastic given the size of this vehicle. Only real sacrifice you give up in space is the width of the seats. 6) Radio and bluetooth work greatCons:1) Road noise - While wind noise is minimized, there is a shortage of dampening material. Rough roads and rain come through fairly loud for a honda, but its not to the level of annoyance.2) Merely adequate acceleration. While it doesn't impact or bother me, if you are looking for great acceleration or easy highway passing, this probably isn't the car for you. MPG advantage, in my opinion, more than makes up for it. I understand the EX-L with paddles improves this though (I have the base LX version)3) Material quality - compared to older vehicles, the quality of the cloth for seats and carpeting material are less. However, on par with other cars and compact SUV's in this price point. Thin so potential wear problems. Need to invest in mats, car seat covers and trunk liner to preserve them. 4) Inability to add a hitch at this point.

Average Rating : 4


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