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Fun!Fun!Fun! logo 8/15/2015 Bill Holbrook

Unlike some of the other reviews I see I actually own an F430.The thrill of walking out into the garage and looking at my car and knowing that I can start it up and drive it whenever I want cannot be overemphasized.The car is so much fun to drive I can easily overlook the flaws (mainly the cost of everything).I can't go anywhere without being asked about it or having myself photographed.The way it drives around corners is always exciting and the top end is also quite exciting.I know mine goes at least 170 with the limiting factor being the driver not the car.The gas mileage has surprised me getting 17.9 on the last trip I took or 6321 miles.No mechanical issues , no overheating , no plug problems, heck, no problems at all.This is without a doubt the most fun of any car I have driven, well the 458 drives better but I don't own one.I have 14 cars right now with one a drag car that runs in the mid 9s but my F430 brings a smile to my face and anyone I take with me every time I get into it.

Average Rating : 5


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