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General Motors has done a great job!I l logo 8/5/2015 miaclockman

I must say that for the past 20+ years, I had gone sour on American-Made cars after terrible experiences. So, for over 20 years, we leased Nissan automobiles with few problems and very satisfied.However, it came time for us to get a new vehicle and I thoroughly researched the top mid-sized sedans for 2015. The 2015 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ2 caught my eye after reading outstanding ratings by J.D. Power & Associates as well as top-notch crash ratings in all categories. Safety and reliability are on the very top of our list of what we are looking for in a vehicle.When we arrived at the dealership and saw the LTZ2 on the lot we had chosen online, first impression was that it was small for a mid-sized car. However, upon opening the doors and sitting in the vehicle, we found ample room in all seats. The first thing that impressed me was how absolutely quiet the interior of this car was! I didn't even know that the engine was running. Outside noises were barely noticeable and there is little to no road noise while driving the car.For once, I sat in an American-Made vehicle that didn't skimp on the quality of the interior. The dash was padded and every attention to detail was given. I especially liked the ambient lighting that wraps the entire instrument panel and dash with a gentle blue light. The ride was comfortable, and the car has an amazing tight turning radius. Acceleration, even without engaging the turbo, was more than enough power. When I "punched it", I was blown away at the power that I had to pass, enter a freeway, or do whatever I needed. It was hard to believe that it was a 4-cylinder engine.Braking was smooth, handling was responsive, and visibility from all angles was excellent.As for the "bells and whistles" - yes, this is the top of the line Malibu with everything included. We opted for the leather interior (although the majority available have black leather which is horrendously hot in South Florida), safety features abound with enough air bags (in my humble opinion) to keep me safe in the worst of crashes. The "heat factor", however, is easily overridden by the fact that the car can be started remotely. Simply press the lock button twice on the remote key, and then press the start key for 3 seconds. The car will start, the A/C or heat will bring the cabin to a comfortable temperature - all while you are walking t the car! And fear not - it can't be stolen when this is happening because the doors remain locked and all drivable features such as taking the transmission out of park, or steering are disabled until the key is physically put in the ignition). I appreciate having the rear-facing camera with guides to assist with parking and backing up, I appreciate the sensors that warn of front, rear, and side collisions, as well as a "lane drift" warning system that alerts me if I drift from my lane. "On Star" was the best thing that GM could have included in its vehicles. It consists of a host of sensors all over the car that can do remarkable things. For example, if I am driving along and feel or hear something amiss, I can call On Star and have a remote full diagnostic of my car done via satellite while I am driving. If it is something serious, I can get directions to the nearest dealership. If, God forbid, I am in an accident and unconscious, the On Star staff will attempt to contact me - if there is no response, an ambulance and police are immediately dispatched to my location. If my car is stolen, I can report it via phone or my mobile phone On Star app. Police will be notified and the car will be tracked by satellite. Once a police car is in sight of the vehicle, a remote signal is sent to slow the engine to a stop, lock the doors, and the thief is basically stuck in the car.I do agree with's complaint that the My Link system (which is the brains of the car on a touch screen) has a steep learning curve. I think that GM tried to put as many features as possible into the system that it made it difficult to be more intuitive. However, everything is explained in detail in the owner's manual, so I can't take away points on my review for this simple thing. For the basics, such as controlling the radio, adding favorite stations, pairing a Bluetooth phone, etc., are fairly straightforward and easily done without reading an instruction manual.Any of the "OK or N/A" ratings that I gave in this review are because I have only had the car for one week, so I can't speak yet for my experience of mechanical reliability or resale value. Otherwise, I feel that we made an excellent choice and I believe that GM has taken a long-hard look at what the consumer expects out of a vehicle and has equaled, if not surpassed, its foreign competitors in size and price class.I would highly recommend taking a look at the 2015 (and soon to be 2016) Malibu LTZ2. If you can afford this model that includes many of the features described above, it is well worth the extra $$$.

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