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German Car Guy Falls For TSX logo 12/10/2016 Rich

Hey guys, my name is Rich, I was the Quality Assurance Manager for an eastern Pennsylvania Acura dealer. I have always a german car guy but just found the right gig.. My last car, a 2006 Audi A6, died unexpectedly and I wasn't in the best position to finance a new car. How would I get to and from work? I found my dirty and uncared for 2004 TSX in a wholesale lot (being sent to auction due to needing some work). It definitely wasn't my first choice but I knew these cars are known to go 300+k miles, very reliable and very logical to own. I quickly signed the paperwork and drove home in it that day. I literally could care less about buying it, i just needed a car. Over the next year, I left the dealer and drove the car over 30k miles, slowly loving the car more and more with every mile. I spent 3 days polishing and reconditioning this car (the previous owner was a slob), put in a new climate system, and had a little electrical issue with the door locks. I'm not one to do this but I also swapped out the interior lights for LEDs. Otherwise this car has completely won me over! It still looks stylish and modern 13 years later, the black really shines, the leather has held up well, everything works great and I'm literally ready to put another 200k miles on it! I only wish it had AWD and the ELS Audio the Navi package has.

Average Rating : 5


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